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Complete Happiness

Michelle Larson

by Brittany Vanderkay

I recently went to my first Bliss Sisters meeting, and words cannot express the gratitude I have for the experience (I was the Bliss Baby of the night at age I felt very nervous on the way to the meeting. Questions were running through my head: Am I going to have to talk? Will I be called out in asking how I feel about something? Will everyone welcome me in without judgment? I immediately set up shop in my stomach and loaded the butterflies in for the night.

I recently moved away from my home in Las Vegas to California and I have been trying to figure out what to do with my life. I know, I know, get in line. I decided to go to the meeting with my aunt because I had heard such great things about the people involved. So I set my fears on the back burner, and pushed ahead in trying new things.

The definition of Bliss is complete happiness, and when you step through the doors into the calming atmosphere of the bliss sisters you are immediately greeted with that welcoming happiness. A complete happiness in the experience they are about to receive, and complete happiness in who they get to share it with.

The night’s topic was healthy eating with a discussion on the book, Women Food and God, by Geneen Roth. This topic was perfect for me because I, like most women, have a problem with my body. I am on a journey this year in finding true happiness in my inner and outer self, and this meeting was my aha moment. Every single person goes into a learning experience searching for what they need to hear to overcome their own personal struggles. My struggle has been loving myself unconditionally. I beat myself up for not losing the weight I want, or looking like a certain celebrity. The media has guided my idea of beautiful, and one thing Michelle said that night that has stuck with me is, “I will be remembered for how people felt around me, not for how I looked, whether it be skinny, overweight, pretty, etc.”

If Love could speak what would Love say to you about your body?

The million dollar question of the night made my mind go blank. If love could speak…I wondered, do I know love? I opened my book and got out my pen and just wrote. I wrote what came from my heart and I realized love had been there the entire time, it was just hiding behind my own personal judgments in myself. I set myself up for unhappiness because I didn’t believe in myself.

If love could speak it would let me know that my body is special. It would tell me to move past what the media tells me is beautiful and look inside to what my heart feels for me. And when I say I am beautiful, and I say I love myself it will be true for all to see. Positive affirmations about love, food, and life will take my journey to brighter and happier things. Be grateful for the little things. Life is simple and happy if you love you.

At the end of the night we went around the circle and manifested something for ourselves and something for someone else.

I want to manifest for myself that I do something everyday/week that scares me. If we all open ourselves up to the possibilities around us, no matter how scary, we can find true peace and happiness in ourselves. I want to manifest for anyone that is reading this post, to step out of your comfort zone and find the bliss in your own heart. Every journey begins with a step, and sometimes your steps can be made with others. Let these women be your support. No one needs to be alone on their journey of self discovery.

Sharing that night and my thoughts and feelings was my effort in facing a fear. What will you do step into a state of Bliss?

Be healthy. Be Strong. Be Blissful.