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7:30 PM19:30

Qoya Dance Class

Our wonderful and generous sister Jessilyn Gilbank, will be leading us in a Qoya Dance Class at her studio, Asana Fit in San Clemente. The night will offer us a new moon...perfect for planting seeds for manifesting.

It is also the day before International Women's Day : ) so let's celebrate all of the feminine magic that we are.

Come and experience your wild and free!! Mark your calendars.


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7:00 PM19:00

Summer Vibrations On The Beach: August 29

{ D R U M M I N G  C I R C L E }

Bliss Sisters Anna D'Geami and Jenn Parr will lead us in a beautiful ceremony of bliss on the beach. Anna will delight and engage us with her amazing drumming and inspirational musical talents. Bring your drum, rattle, singing bowl, flute or just your voice and hands ready to contribute to the rhythmic vibrations. Jenn will also lead us in laughing yoga. This is sure to be a super fun night not to be missed.

Come with a blanket or beach towel.


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7:00 PM19:00

Meeting: June 17

{  L I V I N G  W I T H  I N T E N T  }

The topic is based on a book by the same name by Mallika Chopra. Pick it up or download it if you have time before the meeting (if not, that’s fine too). It’s chalk-full of great advice on how to keep a spiritual practice as a busy modern woman. Mallika shared a great worksheet that we will do together in order to be clear about our intentions and the actions that we need to put into place to create the life we want. 

Living with Intent by Maillika Chopra


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7:30 PM19:30

Movie: April 15

{  I AM A GIRL  }

We will be meeting at Edwards Kaleidoscope Stadium 10 in Mission Viejo to view the movie "I AM A GIRL".

Movie Synopsis: There is a group of people in the world today who are more persecuted than anyone else, but they are not political or religious activists. They are girls. Being born a girl means you are more likely to be subjected to violence, disease, poverty and disadvantage than any other group on the planet. As each girl moves closer to coming of age, I AM A GIRL, a feature length documentary, reveals what it means to grow up female in the 21st century. Click here to view the official trailer.

Please be sure to get your tickets ahead a time. This is a private screening and there needs to be a certain amount of viewers in order for the showing to occur.

Click here to purchase.


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7:00 PM19:00

Meeting: March 18

{ S W E E T  N O T H I N G S }

In honor of a beautiful article in the latest Bella Grace magazine by D Smith Kaich Jones, we will give attention to all of the little things in our lives that bring us joy, calm, awe and elation. We can get so wrapped up in our daily to-do’s and the big picture that forget to stop to recognize the gifts in the Sweet Nothings of everyday. Let’s be inspired by each other as we share what catches our eye and creates a smile or a sigh in our days. 


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